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I absolutely LOVE them. OUTSTANDING customer service. When it comes to repairs, they don't beat around the bush to get more money from you, they just tell you how it is and your car is always done on time. I honestly cannot say enough good things. I am a customer for life!
Recommended? Yes |  by (Everett, Washington), January 28, 2017
Just want to add my 5 stars to the list of satisfied customers!! Phil and the crew have helped me and I would'nt hesitate recomending them to anyone needing quality service!!
Recommended? Yes |  by (Everett, WA), August 7, 2016
Outstanding service. Phil makes you feel welcome and comfortable and they have all the integrity in the world.
Recommended? Yes |  by (Idaho Fall, ID), June 20, 2016
Great people
Recommended? Yes |  by (Seattle), June 2, 2016
My car had a disaster after it was already leaking oil heavily so I had it towed.

I was going to get it towed home but before I got home I realized I'd just have to get it towed to a shop so I did a quick search and found this and 2 other places near my house. I couldn't find a spot to drop a key at the first place, the second place didn't have anywhere to leave my car, and this was the third. I left it and dropped my key with a note under my windshield wiper to please call me in the morning.

I had a busy next few days and almost forgot I left my car there, when the owner called me. I described the issues and he got back to me saying something about my spark plugs came loose. The repairs took a few days then I got busy again so I couldn't pick it up right away but they were understanding.

The price to fix the massive oil leak and the engine issue cost significantly less than I anticipated so I'm a fan of this shop. If I got the car as early as they said I would they'd get 5 stars but this place is definitely a reliable shop.
Recommended? Yes |  by (Seattle), May 24, 2016
We've been taking all of our cars to Fast Eddie's (formerly American Car Care) in Everett since we discovered them several years ago. Phil, Ed, and Jeff run the place with great efficiency and have been flexible enough to take us on very short notice many times. (When things stop working it's usually with no notice!) They are always super-fast with the repairs so we're without the cars as little time as possible.

They are very reliable about exploring options to keep costs down--a recent transmission replacement cost far less than I was anticipating because they found a used transmission in good shape that was much cheaper than a new one. They absolutely do not take advantage of those of us who aren't knowledgeable about cars; they can be trusted to always be up-front with their diagnoses and cost-conscious with the repairs.

Another thing I appreciate is that before my car leaves their shop they do a safety inspection and let me know about anything that is getting worn, could present a dangerous situation, or is otherwise in need of attention. They're not pushy about it and you never get the feeling they're trying to drum up business for themselves; they just hand you the list along with your receipt, explain what it is, point out anything that might be especially urgent, and then see you out the door--no coaxing, no guilt if you want to just leave it at that. It's great to know as much as possible about the state of your car and get advance notice about what you can expect in the way of upcoming repairs--what they are, how much they cost, and how long it will be before they need fixing. This service has been invaluable in helping us stay on top of things before they turn into more expensive problems.

It's clear from management interactions with the techs who are in and out of the front counter area getting or returning keys, turning in paperwork on finished jobs, etc., that this business is run very efficiently and professionally; everyone has a job to do and they are always busy, there's no slacking or lounging around. The managers seem to have a good relationship with their employees as well as with their customers; the overall impression is one of harmony and capability, which is a large part of why we keep going back. I highly recommend this shop for any type of auto work, from oil changes on up the scale to "the big stuff".
Recommended? Yes |  by (Lynnwood, WA), May 18, 2016
Great! Fast and nice service. Everyone knew their stuff about cars. Fair and honest pricing and it's pretty competitive too. Definitely the place to go.
Recommended? Yes |  by (Everett, Washington), May 2, 2016
I can't complain at all. After being turned away by so many other tire places because they refused to mount large off-roading tires and can't balance beadlock wheels, I took a chance with Fast Eddie's. They were prompt, flexible with my schedule and wallet, and extremely professional. What more can you ask for? I will definitely be going back there for any other tire related needs.
Recommended? Yes |  by (Seattle, WA), March 27, 2016
Great service!
Recommended? Yes |  by (Duluth, MN), March 23, 2016
Theres a reason why this place is called Fast Eddies. Very quick service and i was out of there in less then 30 minutes every time. Having special tires is these guyses specialty. I would recommend this place to everyone i know, and would not hesitate one bit to come here again
Recommended? Yes |  by , December 15, 2015
My fiance had some electrical issues going on with his civic. We were able to drop off the car on Saturday and Phil (their customer service guy) said they would probably be able to take a look at it at the earliest on wednesday. They were in fact able to look at it on Wednesday and we were able to pick it up on thursday, the next day. Their service was fast, they were great with communicating with us and were honest as to what the problems were and did not try to sell us on any other issues. We will definitely be back with future mechanic needs!
Recommended? Yes |  by (Lake Stevens, WA), October 29, 2015
Amazing service! I've been going here for 6 years and servicing 3 vehicles which I still have and STILL run awesome! I wouldn't even think of going anywhere else. You get good honest estimates and work here, and if it DOESN'T need fixed, they will be honest and tell you instead of doing it for the money!
Recommended? Yes |  by (Marysville), October 19, 2015
Excellent service! I called to ask for a used car inspection before I bought it, at 1:30 on a Saturday (Fast Eddie's closes at 2). They agreed to take the car even on that short of notice. They were honest and direct about what they found on the inspection, and even gave me a discount off the normal price because the car had so few miles on it! At the end, they gave me a flower (I'm not kidding!), a truly sweet gesture. Highly recommended mechanic!
Recommended? Yes |  by (Seabeck, WA), September 26, 2015
Professional Service! Great Communication! Ask for Phill! I went to Fast Eddie's and saved hundreds of dollars on a costly water pump repair. My car was ready the next day. If I have any more problems with my vehicle I'm coming back. :)
Recommended? Yes |  by (Everett, WA), September 13, 2015
I wish I could give more stars! I cannot say enough about this place.

My car's water pump went out on a drive from Everett to Tacoma about a month ago. I procrastinated hardcore because I dreaded dealing with a car shop. I've had frustrating and unhelpful experience is the past and I just didn't want to do it.

I searched for car repair shops near me on a whim on day. I was impressed with the professionalism of the website. It was easy to navigate and I quickly submitted a question about the cost of looking at my car for an official work order.

Within two days I had a call back from Phil who asked me to explain the symptoms of my car and worked very hard to fit me in the schedule over the next few days. I gimped my car to their location on Thursday evening and Phil was immediately was able to tell me I needed to replace my water pump.

It took all of 10 minutes to exchange keys, hand over my warranty info, sign papers and leave. Phil and co. took the time to deal with my frustrating warranty company and got my car fixed by early Saturday afternoon. In addition to handling things behind the scenes with grace and professionalism, I was able to pester Phil often asking for updates in addition to the ones he called and gave me.

Phil and Ed were polite, efficient, honest, and their team fixed my car and had it back to normal in what I consider no time car repair shop wise. Please consider this repair shop when your car needs anything from a peak for an opinion or a full out job. A car repair is a stressful and time consuming ordeal. Phil made it easy going and even fun. Huge kudos guys, you've gained a customer for life!
Recommended? Yes |  by (Bremerton, WA), May 17, 2014
This is honestly the best auto service place I have ever been to. It is really clear that these people are honest and want the best for their clients. I myself know very little about cars and it's really easy to tell once I start explaining what is wrong with my vehicle. Usually this prompts the servicemen to take advantage of me but that has never happened at Fast Eddie's American Car Care. In fact, they've made special accommodations for me in the past to make sure that my car got the best service.

I always recommend this place to anyone who needs their vehicle looked at by someone who is honest that they can trust. The service here really is top notch. Seriously, this place has been the best to me.
Recommended? Yes |  by (Bellevue, WA), December 10, 2013
I cannot begin to express my gratitude for this shop! From start to beginning it was a great experience.

I went in for a simple tune-up and oil change. I had mentioned that I recently started seeing coolant spitting out in the back on my engine. What it ended up being was a cracked intake manifold. It wasn't exactly a cheap fix, but Ed took the time to find the best deal on the part so his guys could install it. He advised that I had time to wait for the tune up and wanted to get the bigger issue taken care of first, then later on when I can afford it, come back for the tune up. He knew it was going to take awhile so he arranged for his wonderful and funny secretary to take us home and to bring us back to the shop the next day. I've never come across a place that would offer that.

When I went to pick my car up the next day and it was about ready to go, there was a misfire, so instead of sending me on my way or worrying about me paying more money for them to look at that, Jeff took me to work and dropped my car off to me at work when it was finished.

I highly recommend this place to anyone looking for an honest, reliable and comfortable place to take their vehicle. I will never go anywhere else. Never once did I get the impression that they just want your money; they genuinely care for their customers. These guys are the real deal and just all around great people.

Thank you Ed, Jeff and the wonderful secretary who's name I regretfully cannot remember as well as all the mechanics that worked on my car! You have a customer for life in me!

Recommended? Yes |  by (Everett, WA), October 19, 2013
Their customer service is amazing! Great prices, terrific communication throughout the day and they even took me to work. I can't say enough good things!
Recommended? Yes |  by (Marysville, WA), August 22, 2013
5 stars.... EVERYTHING was great. Customer Service, Fast automotive services, great friendly people.. and last but not least great pricing. Will recommend to everyone.
Recommended? Yes |  by , June 10, 2013
Love this place, very clean, the owner has been there since he was a kid himself! Best service I have ever received from a car care center. You will get honest information and comparable pricing on your repairs.
Recommended? Yes |  by (Marysville, WA), April 24, 2013